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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. Foreclosure Mediator State of Washington

If you are facing foreclosure, you are certainly in a tight spot. I recommend an overhaul of your financial situation that makes it possible for you to keep your home while making money.†Fight off debt collectors, credit card companies and in just about any situation, Get Paid too! Click on the link below to learn more.

Keep My Home While Getting Paid

It also helps immensely to know precisely what to expect and exactly what you are up against when mortgage-modificationapplying for a home mortgage modification. I know what it takes to succeed. I experienced first hand the process from start to finish as a home owner who applied for a modification to his home mortgage.I am also a foreclosure mediator today, so I have a birds eye perspective on how the process really works in practice. The good news is that I did succeed in cutting the interest rate on my home mortgage in half. The bad news is that this success came at a heavy price of stress, anxiety, worry and day to day attention over a 14 month period. I wrote How to Get a Mortgage Modification in These Crazy Times to share with others like you what I learned about the process. If you apply for a modification without knowing what you are in for, you are in for a rude shock to your nervous system. Be prepared to be stressed and traumatized. I was. I have key suggestions and insights that will speed up the time it will take to get a decision, reduce your worry and ease your anxiety.

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mortgage-modification I also know a great deal about the process as a foreclosure mediator. As a foreclosure mediator† I have had the fascinating opportunity to have conversations with managers in positions to decide whether a home owner gets a mortgage or not. I really do have the inside scoop for you on what it takes to succeed. I offer in my new book all the information you need to figure out for yourself whether you have little chance to succeed and if it is even worth applying in the first place. I have mediated cases where the home owner succeeded and many cases where the home owner failed to get their home mortgage modified. As such, I have a good sense of why some people succeed while others fail. As you probably guessed already, the information you read on foreclosures in the press and media is a far cry from what is really happening today. Please do not think for a minute that I knew what I was doing when I applied for a modification to my own home mortgage. At the outset of the process, I thought it all looked to straightforward and simple. I expected to have the deal closed out in a month. The truth is that I did not have a clue what I was up against. Miracle of all miracles, I did succeed in getting a modification at very favorable terms after 14 months of worry, frustration and confusion. I decided I also now needed to help others who confront the same challenge. If I knew then what I know today, I could have cut the 14 months it took me to get a† modification of my home mortgage in half. I only wish I had this book to read before I became so intimately involved in the process of applying for a mortgage modification.

Order the Download to Your Computer by Clicking on the House $22† mortgage-modificationOrder the Paperback Book by Clicking on the Image Below of My Son Jonathan $22

mortgage-modificationWill this book help you? Do the following circumstances describe you?

  1. You love your home and do not want to sell it.
  2. You do not want to lose your home to a foreclosure.
  3. You have decided to apply for a modification to your home mortgage.
  4. You have heard horror stories of other people who have applied for modifications and been rejected.
  5. You want to know what exactly what you need to† do to improve your chances of getting a home mortgage modification.

How to Get a Mortgage Modification will be an invaluable resource for you. It gives the step by step formula for success.

Let me say at the outset that the process applying for a home mortgage modification is no easy task.It is not a friendly exchange between you, the home owner and your mortgage servicer. It is an entirely unpleasant process which leaves everyone who has experienced the process mentally exhausted and physical depleted. The conversation with my own mortgage servicer entailed the same ritual. With each contact ..

I got slammed with an aggressive demand for payment. I was interrogated with the same list of questions I learned that correspondence I sent was lost, misplaced or misunderstood. I was questioned about my true intentions. I received the treatment of a fourth class citizen (or worse). I sensed a total lack of empathy for my situation. I become thoroughly discouraged, frustrated and depressed.

Now, this does not sound like an uplifting experience, eh? It is not. If you have already applied for a modification, my description above will sound very familiar.

I wrote How to Get a Mortgage Modification in These Crazy Times to help you succeed in getting a modification without experiencing the frustration and anxiety it created for me.

I cut to the chase and address the fundamental issues when it comes to getting your mortgage modified:
  1. What you can expect from your mortgage servicer?
  2. What will determine whether you succeed of fail?
  3. What steps you can take to improve your chances of success?
  4. What realistically speaking is the outcome you can expect if you succeed?
As a foreclosure mediator for the state of Washington I facilitate discussions between home owners seeking a modification to their home mortgage and managers from their mortgage servicing company who have the authority to decide whether a modification is offered. I have the responsibility of declaring whether either party to the negotiations acted in good faith. Needless to say, I have seen and heard a lot over the past several years. I have a good sense of how the process really works and what you can realistically expect from your mortgage servicer. The way most people think the process works is a far cry from how it really works in practice. If you act on my suggestions, I predict you will be very pleased with the final outcome. Knowing the truth about how the process really works will also reduce your frustrations when everything seems to be going wrong. What is happening to you happens to everyone! The goal here is to achieve a final outcome that will be right in every respect for you and your family. Take my suggestions seriously and you should also be able to reduce the time it will take to get a favorable decision. Knowing exactly how the process works and understanding the factors that play a role in the final decision to modify or not modify a loan places you in an very advantageous position. It puts you in the driver's seat. You can determine for yourself whether you qualify for a modification. If you do not qualify for a modification I provide an explanation of the other options you can consider - some good and some not so good.

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Immediately after your order is processed you will receive an email that provides the link to the download of my 125 page book titled How to Get a Mortgage Modification in these Crazy Times. My new book was released August, 2013. The download is a PDF file so it can be read on any computer. You may want to download (for free) the most recent Adobe Reader so that it will be easy to read the book. Click on any of the questions in the Table of Contents and you will immediately skip down to the answer.

Questions that are Answered in the Book

Order the Download to Your Computer by Clicking on the House $22 mortgage-modification

Order the Paperback Book by Clicking on the Image Below of My Son Jonathan $22

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